What Have You Gained from the Program?

I’m afraid some of these lists get repetitive.    What I’ve gained from the program is everything in my life, and my very life itself, from May 1, 1984, until now.  So that encompasses quite a lot.

More than that.  A plan.  I love that the program gives me a plan for my life, something to strive for, a way to evaluate things, and infinite help understanding and interpreting all that.

Hope.  I haven’t really faced anything hopeless since I got it.  Everything and everyone ends, I understand that to some extent, and it frightens me to some extent.  But I have hope I can survive these things, including my own end, with an amount of serenity I couldn’t imagine without the program.

The friends of the program are better friends than I can imagine anywhere else, and I don’t think that I, personally, had I somehow managed to survive, would have had friends anything like them.  I know for sure I wouldn’t know nearly the number of people that I do as intimately as I do.  My understanding of people must have been multiplied a million times by AA.

Serenity.  I don’t have tons of it.  But what I do have I owe completely to AA.  And each and every time something is disturbing me, I have the knowledge that I need to change, I have a way to figure out what and how, and a seriously good chance of changing for the better, at least a little bit.

2 thoughts on “What Have You Gained from the Program?

  1. The AA program simply gives me a track to run on. A workable process. An effective process that has helped me stay sober for a number of years. Nothing else prior had worked for me. Why? Who knows. Who cares. One day I will ask God. But for today, it works. Good enough for me.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I wonder “why” when I want to help someone who’s struggling and “can’t” get it. Sometimes I think that if I could answer that, I could help more.

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