November 25, 2011 (this day)

I’m a little worried about my mother, because she went to the mall with one of my kids, supposedly got handed off to the other kid, and should have been home a long time ago.

This morning, my mother, Carole and my daughter went Black Friday shopping and I stayed home and had a very bad dream about an old AA friend of mine.  I will call her soon.

Then my daughter went to bed, my son arrived, and he and my mother went to the mall.  My daughter got up and went to the mall, Carole went to bed, and I practiced knitting.

Now Carole and I have done our Nano for the day.  The end is in sight!  But my mother and daughter still aren’t home.  I’m guessing my mother is not going to want to play Wheel of Fortune on the Wii with us.  Carole bought it today hoping my mother would play.  Either because of that, or because she’s still embarrassed that I beat her last night at Wii bowling.

I also think Super 8 may be in the mail box, but I’m going to look, because I hate the mail.

Tonight, my daughter will out, and I will worry a lot until she’s home.  Tomorrow she will leave my house to go back to school and while I’ll be sorry to see her go I won’t mind saying goodbye for now to her two cats.  With her two, my three, and my son’s two foster kittens, there were seven cats in the house yesterday and that is about five too many.

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