September 8, 2020 (this day)

And so it still goes.

It’s an incredible miracle and a blessing that people continue to meet on zoom. I have been lucky enough to go to a meeting just about every day since our meetings stopped meeting in person. I go to one in person meeting that takes place in a parking lot. I don’t know what will happen with that once it gets cold.

I honestly love the zoom. I love not having to leave my house. I love the intimacy of the meeting I attend. Since it’s held six out of seven days a week, I get the know the people so much better. We spend as much time each week as a weekly meeting would give in a month and a half.

The meeting is still anchored by my wife and I. Really by her. An interesting cast of characters has passed through and many have come to stay. We get newcomers and relapsers and people we’ve known for more than 20 years. The sobriety in the meeting ranges from more than 30 years to just a day or not even a day (I suspect some are drunk, or drinking, at the meeting but hey, I did that, and look at me now!).

It’s especially wonderful to have this community now. Our work places have opened up and shut down. My blood pressure has acted up and gotten better and gotten worse again. My mother shows up drunk on the phone with regularity. If I want to see my daughter, I need to take a COVID test. Which I understand. But still.

We’re all traumatized and experiencing trauma. An election is looming and I worry about my ability to cope with the outcome. I am so, so grateful for the foundation I have in AA, and for the continued support of the people in the rooms. And in the parking lot. And on my computer.