December 5, 2021 (this day)

from a trip to Akron

Generally what’s up with me. My mother visited for Thanksgiving for the first time in two years. I usually see her twice a year, once at Thanksgiving and once in the summer, but covid made us pause. My son is temporarily living with us as he’s having a bad break up. My daughter, who lives about six hours away, came with her husband and they stayed, looking for a house where I live in order to move back. So there were for a few days six of us in my house, plus two cats.

Some of my previous FB Thanksgiving posts note that everyone got along! They still do. I am so incredibly grateful that there is no alcohol in my house and no one drank at the house. No alcohol induced drama or sickness, no apologies necessary from anyone to anyone. The kids do drink, and I’m sure they did at their friends’ houses over this time, but no one got into a kerfuffle bad enough to get my attention as a result.

In my drinking days I would have been the one under the table throwing up. I took secret alcohol to family gatherings and drank all that was offered, which was a lot. Right before covid, my daughter visited my mother and said she would never go back to stay with her because my mother got so sloppy drunk. When I return from family functions that are held away from my house where there is alcohol, I’m always struck with gratitude at my next AA meeting where everyone is sober. Theoretically.

I heard a lead last night by a man who had many similarities to my own story. His father died from alcoholism when he was 7 (I was 6 when mine died). There were other things, but the difference is what caught my attention. I got sober at almost 22, he got sober three years ago in his 50s (guessing). So I was identifying with his story strongly, which is such a cool aspect of AA and meetings, then our stories departed ways in our early twenties, to come together again in our 50s, being together at that meeting, sober.