Though the Earning Power of Most (Step Twleve continued)

Though the earning power of most A.A.’s is relatively high, we have some members who never seem to get on their feet moneywise, and still others who encounter heavy financial reverses.  Ordinarily we see these situations met with fortitude and faith.

I guess I would have to say that’s mostly true in my experience.  Fortitude and faith, I think, are basic ingredients of AA, so the members I see go through financial difficulty, if they’re in meetings, and thus I’m seeing them, have a steady supply of fortitude and faith.  And the people around them help them with more.

This made me think of something else.  My experience is in suburban and small city urban AA.  People who get financially devastated are not going to have sustained contact with me.  It’s entirely possible that people I’ve known briefly in meetings have suffered financial ruin, but they didn’t do it while I was watching.  In my circle, people (grown and even aging adults) will move in with parents or children and go on that way, if I am to keep seeing them.  The support systems in my little world are generally strong.

I’ve also known people who are in some kind of support housing situation due to mental health issues.  I’ve known quite a few of those.  But again, they are folks who are able, however they do it, to continue with the meetings I go to.  They may be financially impoverished, but these are the people who can and do use government supports to have some kind of mainstream life.  People who are so ill that they aren’t able to do even that much – I’m not likely to come into contact with them, except briefly, and I don’t know what becomes of them.


It has been a very, very, very long time since I’ve been triggered to drink.  It’s important for new people, or people who struggle with alcohol, to know their triggers and avoid and master and overcome them.  This isn’t what this is about.

Today I’m looking for the things that trigger my character defects.  Things within me or outside of me that result in me feeling, indulging, entertaining, engaging in those negative personality traits, those instincts gone overboard that I call character defects.

My favorite, most frequent character defects are anxiety, fear, and anger.  I have occasionally written down what I perceive is triggering them in an effort to master and diffuse those triggers.  When I engage in a character defect, when I feel those negative emotions, to my understanding of it, I have failed.  I will never be rid of any of them completely (except, maybe, the desire to drink), but I will seek to lessen them as long as I am able to progress.

My list of triggers is disappointingly vague.  I sort of had in mind my sudden death, or my need to have someone go through my things without me present, and my wife or my work partner being just oh-so distressed to find herself there, listed as a common trigger.  So now when I look back, I can’t remember what I was upset about, or what happened, or anything much about these situations.  And that says a lot about it right there.

So I looked quickly through my pictures, and I chose a few that illustrate things that “cause” me anxiety, fear and anger.  I didn’t have to look far.  They are posted in the previous post.

  • My daughter’s cat.  He is ill with a mysterious disease.  How much will it cost to treat?  What if he dies young?  What if he suffers much?  How will she take it?  How will I take it?
  • Death.  ‘Nuff said.
  • My meeting.  Will it survive?
  • Gas prices.  ‘Nuff said.
  • My dog.  Is she happy?  Is she healthy?  Am I the perfect dog mom?  How will I cope with losing her?  Is she afraid of thunder?  Is she overweight?  Does she get enough exercise?  Does the gentle leader hurt her face?  Will she eat the cats?  Will the cats eat her?  Is she shedding?  Is she clean enough?  Is she too clean?  Does she remember her past?  Does she wish to shut the door on it?  Does she like to be brushed?  Can she read my mind?  Does she like her food?  Is her collar too loose?  Are her nails too long?  Does she have an allergy?  Lyme’s Disease?  A crazy mother??
  • Politics.  “Nuff said.
  • Heights.
  • Bugs and pesticides.
  • Sickness and injury.
  • Religion.
  • Pollution.
  • Where’s the nearest bathroom?


June 21, 2011 (this day)

Photographing black cats is so difficult, I’m afraid my little Olive will get most of the face time in pictures.  Thatcher, the black one, is reclined in my arms as I write, but pictures of him look mostly like black blobs.

I’m working at home today, and going for a mammogram later.  My first task is write a plan for a young lady who is one day younger than my daughter.  We had the young lady’s meeting yesterday, and it struck me hard how her mother and I have so much in common, and are so different.  However everything else in our lives went, we were pregnant at the same time and had daughters at the same time with very different results, all by (I believe) chance.

It’s instructive for me, because as we were talking about family, this mother told us that she’s one of six siblings, with everyone, including her mother, and excluding just one sister, nearby.  I can easily be jealous of a situation like that.  I am jealous.  But of course for today, the situation her daughter is in is drastically different from the situation mine is in.  There isn’t anyone here having a perfect, easy time of it.  It helps me remember to try to be humble, to consider that I will influence the day-to-day world of this woman’s precious daughter.

Our Basic Troubles (Step Twelve continued)

Our basic troubles are the same as everyone else’s, but when an honest effort is made to “practice these principles in all our affairs,” well-grounded A.A.’s seem to have the ability, by God’s grace, to take these troubles in stride and turn them into demonstrations of faith.  We have seen A.A.’s suffer lingering and fatal illness with little complaint, and often in good cheer.  We have sometimes seen families broken apart by misunderstanding, tensions, or actual infidelity, who are reunited by the A.A. way of life.

Firefox’s spell check doesn’t like “else’s.”

I don’t have much to say about this.  I don’t know if our basic troubles are the same.  Surely the troubles brought on by our favorite coping mechanism, drugs and alcohol, bring a whole truck load of extra problems piled on to the originals.  Practicing the principles of AA in all of my affairs is the only way I know to try to cope now, and to get better at it, and to get better.

I haven’t had much up close experience with people suffering lingering and fatal illnesses to know if AAs act differently.

As for couples.  I know some who were together when they were drinking, and who have stayed together in sobriety and so of course have done much better when sober.  I know some who have met in sobriety.  Some have made it and some haven’t.

I was in a sick and awful relationship when I came in.  It wouldn’t have lasted with or without AA, though AA was a constant source of strength for me to end it.  I got married and divorced in sobriety, and I’m married again.  The AA way of life is integral to my relationship.  It’s really all I know, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

More About Tradition Three

I happily thought I was done writing about the traditions and then I picked up the book The History of Gay People in Alcoholics Anonymous by Audrey Borden.  She says that my friend from tradition three, the man who suffered from a worse addiction than alcohol, was actually a “sexual deviant,” aka gay.

Well, that’s a horse of a different color.  I had always assumed it referred to heroin.  Looking at it more closely, I can see that the text leaves it vague so that we may substitute whatever addiction presents itself to us in the form of a suffering alcoholic.  But gay?

I hope we understand now that while gay people are a minority, they are not “deviant.”  In my limited personal experience, I have not seen gay people discriminated against in AA.  I have not seen their sexuality (our sexuality) impact their participation in AA or their sobriety.  I guess back then this was a much bigger deal.

So I will send my gratitude toward heaven once again and be even more grateful that the founders allowed the gay man to belong and to participate.

If ever I have felt that I didn’t belong or wasn’t welcomed, it was when I was very young, and some few individuals couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact of my alcoholism.  And that would have gone against the book as well.

June 16, 2011 (this day)

The day after licensing and the day after the day after licensing are always happy days, thankfully.  The day of licensing was grueling but we came through all right.

I complain about the weather enough I should record that we are having perfect weather.  Sleeping in the slight chill with the windows open is such a pleasure.  Days without oppressive heat are such a pleasure.

Tonight, Carole and I are going to try a new meeting.  Saturday is our meeting, and Saturday afternoon she is speaking at some kind of AA gathering.  Her topics sound very very dry, but I’m sure she’ll have people laughing their heads off.

The kittens grow each and every day, right before my very eyes.  I feel so very lucky to have them.  All is calm right, here, right now, but I’m sure that will change soon.