March 31, 2021 (this day)

I had a companion working from home today.

I have been extremely privileged to be employed and safe through all of this. My program is actually open on a limited basis, but like lots of folks it has been found that I can do some parts better from home.

My meeting has been open for a few weeks. We wear masks and sort of distance. We made it! We’re still zooming meetings also. It amazes me how life goes on and AA goes on. A year ago I really worried about it (character defect, stop the worry). AA found a way.

Step 3

There are a few things on my mind (in my worries) that are in and out of my control.

My work is reopening. There are many details that go along with that, but uppermost in my mind is the fact that they expect me to show up. Five days a week. It’s been a while…..

Medical tests. Routine, but I’m older than I’ve ever been. I’m unhealthier than I’ve ever been.

Meetings opening. Visiting possible.

So. Did I make a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God as I understand God? My lengthy sobriety tells me that I did. So I’ll go forward. With the work, with the tests, with the life in the receding shadow of the pandemic. There’s some comfort in the forward motion when I realize it is not initiated or sustained by me.