November 30, 2011 (this day)

On Thanksgiving, I learned how to knit.  It took me pretty much all day because (A) I’m not really very good at things like this and (B) my teacher, my daughter, is left-handed, and I am not.  I’ve been crocheting for about two years, I think, maybe longer.  I know I’m not good at it because I see people who learned after me surpass me in skill by a long shot.  Of course the pesky job I’m still expected to do Monday through Friday gets in the way of my fiber arts, novel-writing and learning to play the guitar.  I’m almost finished with what I will have ready to give for Christmas and then I will seriously try to knit a rectangle.

I took my mother to the airport this morning and now it’s back to just me and Carole.  The house is a wreck from Thanksgiving, me learning to knit, Christmas present wrapping, cooking, and multiple cat visits.  Carole and I are giving each other half a Roomba for Christmas, and it is charging in the corner right now.  Since the addition of our very long-haired cat (named for Ebby Thatcher), the living room carpet can be furry, seriously, an hour after it’s vacuumed.

I finished my 50,000 words for Nanowrimo and, as I sit here, Carole is reaching her 50 thousand before midnight, she thinks.  I could not stand that pressure!  My “novel” is terrible but I had fun.  I think I will keep going with it for a little while, then take a look at what I’ve written over the past two years in terms of making a decent, stomachable story.  Again, the pesky job limits my time.

I get to tell my whole entire story Friday at a meeting.  Saturday is my home group, and Sunday our puppy sitter is coming over for pizza.   And some time before then, we will try the Roomba.


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