April 17, 2022 (this day)

I was all ready (sort of) to try to force my way through another paragraph of Step Four, but is seems like it’s time to report on the day instead. Today is Easter, and it is going to be the first time in a long time that I have both children with me. My daughter has moved back “home,” the home we came to 25 years ago. She and her wonderful husband bought a (problematic) house 15-25 minutes from me, depending on traffic. And agreed to come over on this religious holiday! It’s really wonderful. My son is coming also, solo, which is a good thing. He’s out of a serious relationship with a somewhat scary woman, and it’s been difficult but no doubt a very good thing.

So I am very happy about all of this, and also rejoicing that my two cats are good. My mother is far away and having some difficulties that are to be expected at her age and the age of her husband. I have an elderly uncle who is also facing health problems. But for today all are OK.

My mind keeps going back to what worries me and also at times to what I don’t have, but it’s very easy for me today to refocus on what is wonderful and here and undeservedly mine.

And, since I gave up my job, I’ve been cooking a bit and made an excellent red cabbage. Then I made it again with less sugar and it’s excellence grew in my eyes, diminished in the eyes of my wife……