February 17, 2018 (this day)

IMG_1373I’m trying to knit a hat in the round which then will decrease too much for the circular needle(s?).  My goal to knit a wearable sock remains elusive.  Maybe this will help.

It’s cold, snowy winter where I live.  I want to use that as an excuse for something.  I’m volunteering for the congressional campaign of someone who I hope will replace my trump puppet congressman.  It’s a long shot, but at least I’m learning a ton for next time. I can’t imagine a time when I won’t care about politics.  Carole and I are the old folks of the campaign for sure.  But hey, the whipper snappers can’t ignore us because we sure do vote.

It’s two months to the day the dog left us, and that is still terribly painful every single day.  I’m not yet relieved that I can work all day and campaign all night without worrying about her being alone.  And I can’t use her as an excuse to stay home.

My son will be 30 (or not) February 29.  My daughter is getting married and there are many preparations.  Life is very very good, and I’m content most of the time.

This isn’t very interesting.  I’m bored with it.  But it’s hard to sit down to it, so I’ll publish it and get back in the groove.