Who’s not Who

I’m trying to stay anonymous at the level of press, radio, films and the internet.

Some people who know me read this blog, of course, and I’m trying to keep them anonymous also, and to absolutely protect the privacy of the people I write about. Among other things, I’m a name nerd, and I used a random name generator to name myself and a few others. These names have no significance and I didn’t choose them for any other reason than that they seemed to me to fit the real person. It’s been pointed out to me that it can get confusing because I write about, for example, my partner at work and my partner in life. So here’s the list of pseudonyms so far.

Lydia – that’s me. I was born in 1962, and I got sober in 1984.

Carole – that’s my wife. We met online in 1996, in person in 1997, and moved in together in 1998. Her sobriety year is 1996, and just for the record, I refused to meet her until she had one year sober. We got married in our church in 2005.

Edith – a woman who was my boss for a time, now a friend.

Elli – my first sponsor.

Erika – my daughter, born in 1985 when I was 16 months sober. A sobriety baby.

Filippo – a local AA character from when I first got sober.

Florence – my second sponsor.

Isabel – I usually refer to her as my “best friend from forever.” We became friends when I was five and she was four. We now live a few hundred miles apart, and as of January, 2007, when my mother retired and moved, we don’t end up in the same place at the same time ever.

Irene – this is my partner at work. We met and began working together in 1999. We worked together very closely until, in 2006, she left to work next door. She came back to work with me again in February, 2008, and she works with me now. I have referred to her as my “once and again partner,” or similar things, meaning she was once my work partner and now is my work partner again. It gets confusing because people also understand “partner” as used by a gay person to mean romantic partner. Which she is not. At all. And Alek, her husband.

Marva – a sponsor I had during the years I drank after my first period of sobriety, and Ross, her partner.

Nicholas – my son, born in 1988. Another sobriety baby.

Sebastian – a client of mine I knew from 1998 until his death in 2008, at the age of 41.

Sofie – a woman who knew me when I was first getting sober, who sponsored me for a time, who I’ve kept in touch with through the years and all my moves.  Her daughter moved close to where I live shortly after I moved here, so I get to see her here from time to time.  Her husband is Marcel.

Xandra – a dog we adopted from an animal shelter in 2007.

5 thoughts on “Who’s not Who

  1. Hi Lydia: I’m Eric, recovering multi-addict, and I found ‘Don’t Drink and Don’t Die’ from a Google search for ‘aa character defects’. Thanks for sharing your defects list. I stayed and checked out other areas of the blog. Keep up the good work!


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  3. I too found your blog by googling character defects. Love your blog!!! Love The Menopause Chronicles!
    Love you were you stand on issues! Would love to correspond with you! Do you have your email listed anywhere?

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