Having Found the Shoes that Fit (Step 4 continued)

Of course the depressive and the power-driver are personality extremes, types with which A.A. and the whole world abound. Often these personalities are just as sharply defined as the examples given. But just as often some of us will fit more or less into both classifications. Human beings are never quite alike, so each of us, when making an inventory, will need to determine what his individual character defects are. Having found the shoes that fit, he ought to step into them and walk with new confidence that he is at last on the right track.

Confidence- feeling certain about the truth.

The right track. That track is to stay sober and to diminish and lessen the strength of and take the sharp edges off and give up my character defects. Abandon, don’t go back. Ask to have them removed.

I can spend so very many cumulative hours in fear. Big fear and little fear and a constant undercurrent of worry that sometimes comes to surface and floods.