Gratitude List (210 things I am grateful for)

What if, when you woke up tomorrow, you had only those things you had remembered to be grateful for today?

  1. AA
  2. AA meetings that are plentiful and diverse
  3. Airplanes that are safe, accessible and affordable
  4. Anesthesia
  5. Animal shelters and the people who support them
  6. Antibiotics
  7. Antihistamines
  8. Antiques and heirlooms
  9. Art
  10. Artists
  11. Artificial body parts (my tooth, her knee)
  12. Artificial Sweeteners
  13. Authors who take the time to do the writing I can read
  14. Auto mechanics who are honest
  15. Babies
  16. Bandaids
  17. Beaches to visit, and as part of my landscape growing up
  18. Bed
  19. Bible
  20. Big dogs I am brave enough to walk.
  21. Birthplace of Bill W and the people who preserve it for me to visit.
  22. Blogs to read from the comfort of my home
  23. Boats
  24. Bones for the dog
  25. Books on CD for the car ride
  26. Books to own and borrow without censorship
  27. Calculators
  28. Candles
  29. Candy
  30. Car
  31. Car insurance
  32. Caregivers
  33. Cat food
  34. Cat litter (was there life before cat litter?)
  35. Cell phones that help me contact people who are not in one place
  36. Change
  37. Charities that enable me to help people from right here at home
  38. Cheese
  39. Chemotherapy
  40. Children (adult children)
  41. (That my) Children have not been endangered by my alcoholism, that they only know me sober.
  42. Chocolate
  43. Christmas – although I have huge difficulties with Christianity, it is nice to contemplate this person that was Jesus and the ways in which he changed the world for good.
  44. Church bells I can hear from my house twice a day when I’m home.
  45. Church that is diverse, accepting and traditional
  46. Cities that are safe and interesting
  47. Clergy
  48. Clouds
  49. Coffee
  50. Computers at home and work and many other places
  51. Cook books
  52. Cousins (as an only child, they’ve meant a lot to me)
  53. Crocheting and a crochet teacher
  54. Democracy and elections
  55. Dental hygienists (I don’t know what they make, but it can’t be enough)
  56. Dental implants
  57. Dentists
  58. Dialysis
  59. Digital cameras
  60. Doctors who care about what they are doing, and who think about what they are doing.
  61. Dog parks
  62. Dog sighs
  63. Dogs
  64. Donations of time, money and material things people give to others who need them, to the world and environment.
  65. Drivers who drive people who are unable to drive
  66. Drivers who take others to AA meetings
  67. Ebay
  68. Electricity
  69. Electronic books (so handy!)
  70. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others who devoted their lives to equal rights for women.
  71. Employment in a safe, comfortable place – in a job that lets me serve others
  72. Employment of my wife, son and daughter – in safe, comfortable places in work they enjoy doing
  73. English as my first language – I’m grateful that I can speak English and that the places it is spoken and understood are so vast and varied and that I didn’t have to try to learn it as a second language.
  74. Eye doctors
  75. Eye glass designers, and technicians who help me find some
  76. Eyeglasses
  77. Eyesight that is good and easily corrected to perfect
  78. Faith
  79. Family
  80. Fire
  81. Fire fighters
  82. Five senses – touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing
  83. (anti) Flea treatments – my life before them was often infested
  84. Food that is affordable, plentiful, safe and interesting
  85. Foster critters and the people who foster them
  86. Freedom of the press
  87. Friends
  88. Funerals, a chance to say goodbye and be present and possibly supportive of other survivors
  89. Gay – being openly, safely gay
  90. Glasses that correct eyesight
  91. God’s Grace that gives me good things I don’t deserve
  92. GPS
  93. Graduations – the ones I’ve achieved, and the ones my loved ones have achieved
  94. Grandparents, especially my mother’s parents, who helped raise me
  95. Gratitude and the ability to appreciate things
  96. Hair straighteners – I wish they had had these when I was young, although maybe a lack of straight hair taught me acceptance.  But I love it now!
  97. Hawaii
  98. Health insurance
  99. Heating pads
  100. Hillary Clinton and the historic campaign
  101. History and the people who recorded and preserved it
  102. Holidays
  103. Home remedies and the wisdom of the ages
  104. House that I love
  105. Imagination
  106. Intelligence
  107. Kittens
  108. Libraries
  109. Lifeguards
  110. Love
  111. Mammography
  112. Medical attention that is some of the best in the world
  113. Medical insurance that is excellent
  114. Medications that are plentiful and affordable
  115. Menopause (especially that I’ve lived this long)
  116. Message boards (internet message boards)
  117. Mobility and the ability to get from place to place
  118. Mouse traps
  119. Movies
  120. Music
  121. My mother
  122. Nail polish
  123. National parks (protected wild spaces)
  124. Nature
  125. Neighbors
  126. Netflix – so much info, so close at hand
  127. Neti pot
  128. Newcomers who make us remember what we’re here for, what is was like, and what we don’t want to return to
  129. Non-violence, the attitude my parents raised me with
  130. Novocaine
  131. Obama – love him, and that I got to see this and participate
  132. Ocean – seen from Hawaii, so beautiful, clean (looking) and warm, and fierce
  133. Oldtimers who don’t drink but keep coming to meetings
  134. Online communities
  135. Paid holidays, vacations and sick leave
  136. Pain killers, and a healthy fear of them
  137. Pain relievers – Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and aspirin
  138. Pajamas
  139. Parents of people with disabilities, who show me by their example
  140. Parks
  141. Partners (in life, in work)
  142. Patience (my own, and that which is shown to me)
  143. Peace
  144. People of my prayer list
  145. People who back me up
  146. Pepsi
  147. Pets – current, past and future
  148. Pet food
  149. Pet sitters
  150. Photographs, especially those I’ve scanned and “backed up”
  151. Plants – to eat and grow for the yard, for the dog
  152. Poetry and poets
  153. Police
  154. Problems and difficulties that make me think and make me grow and (sometimes) enable me to help others
  155. Puppies
  156. Rain (every living thing needs water)
  157. Rainbows (are cheerful, no matter what)
  158. Reading – the physical and mental ability, and the desire and love
  159. Recycling, often made easy (curbside pick up)
  160. Relapsers who make it back
  161. Religion – freedom of and from
  162. Reporters, journalists and writers who go where I can’t or don’t want to
  163. Restaurants, the people who work them, the money to pay for them, and people to go with
  164. Road crews taking risks in the snow and ice
  165. Roads that are paved, plowed, salted and somewhat safe
  166. Safety – the relative safety of my environment, always
  167. Salt to melt the ice (I try to use it very sparingly, but sometimes it saves my neck)
  168. Scanner to digitize my old pictures
  169. School – good schools, for me and for my kids
  170. Seasons
  171. Second (third, fourth, fifth) chances
  172. Serenity
  173. Shopping over the computer.  I still hate shopping, but at least I can do it in my pajamas.
  174. Siblings – that my daughter has a brother and my son has a sister – that they enjoy each other and spend time together willingly
  175. Smoking – the ability to quit
  176. Snow – beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
  177. Snow tires
  178. Soap
  179. Sobriety
  180. Sonograms and sonogram technicians
  181. Spell check
  182. Spring
  183. Steroids for the itchy dog
  184. Stores – nearby, and well stocked with everything I need or want
  185. Sun and sunlight
  186. Taxes that pay for things we need
  187. Teachers
  188. Television
  189. Text messages that let me avoid talking to people
  190. Thanksgiving (a day for gratitude)
  191. Therapy and therapists
  192. Time
  193. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  194. Town
  195. Transportation that is safe and available for going places near and far
  196. Tweezers
  197. Two pregnancies, two children
  198. Vaccines
  199. Ventilators (respiratory)
  200. Veterinarians
  201. Video, digital, and film recordings of so many things from the past.
  202. Water that is clean, safe and plentiful, and hot!
  203. Weather forecasts.  Although they can be wrong and wacky, I imagine a time when people had no idea what was coming, or when it would end.
  204. Weather that is safe and varied and not too extreme
  205. Wifey
  206. Wireless internet
  207. Work partner Irene who covers for me when I need her to
  208. Workers – people who I work with who try hard and mean it
  209. Writers who write things for me to read
  210. Yarn that is affordable, plentiful and interesting

30 thoughts on “Gratitude List (210 things I am grateful for)

    • Loved your list of graitudes
      I write a gratitude list each evening but you really have made me realise there is so much more I could add to my daily lists I thank you God bless Lorraine x

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  2. I was intrigued with the list from A to … then I came to Gay. It’s your choice, that’s true. It’s still wrong.

      • I’m sorry you feel that way, and I would also have trouble if the situation was reversed. In case future additions change the numbers, #128 is Obama. I freely admit that I fell way short of being grateful for EVERYTHING good and bad when the President was a shrub.

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  4. Way too soon to tel if Obama should be on my gratitude list. For now no.. I am grateful for the freedom to comment without fear. I’m also very grateful for the 1st amendment, my grandson and a chance to try to help children in the part of the world where I now reside.

  5. I am grateful for my new consciousness e.g. , that when I dwell in my ego I live with fear; when I dwell on my higher, I I live with love.

  6. Nice List. YOUR list. It’s unfortunate how people feel the need to have to judge and impose their views instead of just “Living and Letting Live.”

  7. I am grateful for AA. I only wish that more people would be willing to participate. My family had a life changing accident with an alcoholic. Not that anyone died, but, it change our entire outlook on life and an extreme prejudice against people who drink to excess. We have removed a whole group of friends from our lives.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to make me think. One thing I have on my list is the Air I breathe.
    That is a daily gratitude to my Creator. Also a few you have…the Sun, Water, my eyesight, the food that our Creator has given us to enjoy and make us healthy.
    Thank you so much for your service work and I’m grateful to you Lydia!!

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