I’ll just leave this here.  I haven’t been successful in having a sponsor or in being a sponsor.  From all I’ve experienced and all I’ve seen, it means “special aa friend.”  Which is fine.  Everyone should have one.  But gone are the days when a sponsor pays for your hospital stay and puts you up.

“I have a sponsor, and my sponsor has a sponsor.”  And?  This must end somewhere, no? I hear that as a self-righteous boast.  It is not (in my experience) needed for a good long sobriety.

That is all.

August 2, 2019 (this day)

I failed to post in July!  I do believe that’s the first whole entire month I’ve missed.

There’s been a bunch of stuff, but all is well.  I went on a cruise with my wife, my mother, and my aunt.  We attended one AA meeting on the boat, which was fun, but also awkward.

While I was gone, my work partner of almost 20 years retired.  At the same time, another clinician at my work changed jobs, and so I’m now trying to teach the job to two brand new people, by myself.

My daughter and her husband visited for the 4th of July.  My son and his girlfriend came over, and everyone liked everyone.  We had the porch the got damaged back in February by the scary scary storm replaced with a screened in porch that so far the cats are not impressed with.

So I’m on my own at work, and I’m going to withhold my judgement of this job for one year, to see if I can stand it.