August 18, 2021 (this day)

The man on the bed hears the story of Bill and Bob, and AA is born. This is a picture of a window in the Akron archives. I’ve been there a few times and it’s an amazing place.

I’m just back from two nights with AA friends and we told each other our stories. I told them how my mother’s husband called my wife a few days ago to tell her that my mother was drunk on the kitchen floor. My mother is 82. Her husband is 94. They live far away from me. He’s hoping she can move to be near me sooner than later.

Our group of friends ranged from the oldest of old timers to new women who have gotten sober for the first time during covid, at online meetings. It’s wonderful to gather with a group that won’t get drunk and sloppy and nasty and stupid. I’m home now waiting for my wife to have some surgery on Friday, then I have some on September 1. My main activator of character defects, my work, it still my main activator of character defects! At least there we have to wear a mask…….