April 22, 2018 (this day)

IMG_1383This is Carole and Angela Davis.  One of the cool things we’ve done in my attempt to do all the things I wouldn’t do when there was a dog waiting at home alone (with two cats, same thing).  Today, for the first time, I sat on my back stoop with a book and no dog.  Honestly, she always wanted in.  She was a house dog.  But I made her sit out there with me and enjoy the fresh air, darn it.  Until sometimes gnats would swarm her and I’d take her in.  This lack of dog still dominates my psyche.

Without her, I’m staying longer at work with less anxiety about doing so.  I was going to more political things until stuff happened.  I’m still pounding out the post cards.  I’ve written over 1000 for my candidate but he’s switched districts due to things and stuff so 650 went to the wrong district.  I know his chances of getting to congress are slim to none but it keeps me constructing rather than hating.

I’m walking more, trying to do one mile every other day.  I’ve lost six pounds in anticipation of my daughter’s wedding.  I gained two back over her shower/Easter/my mother’s visit, but those two are gone again.  At this rate I should lose another one or two before the big day?

I’m committing myself to two meetings a week – I often do that but not always, sometimes I’ve just gone to my home group.  That meeting is fine.  Carole marked 22 years sober the other day and in the next little while I should achieve 34 years.  I know I have some newer readers who don’t want to slog through this whole backlog – why not?  I went to my first AA meeting when I was 16 years old.  I achieved my present sobriety when I was 21, almost 22 years old.  So now, at 55, almost 56 years old, I will have 34 years sober.  I realize I am among the most fortunate of people, ever, and certainly certainly among the most fortunate of alcoholics, ever.