The Exact Nature of Our Wrongs (Step 5)

“To those who find no faith within themselves, I say no seed is so dry that it does not hold the code of life within it.” ~ John Updike

I (convinced my wife to ask) at a meeting about the “exact nature” of my wrongs, and was told that, come on, you know what you did. You know what’s wrong with you.

So I say I know I am frightened, lazy, a liar. I don’t take care of my body or my house or my job to the best of my ability. I waste time and money. I neglect things and people.

The gift of Step 5 that is uppermost in my mind is it’s insistence that I turn inward to find what’s wrong. What I’m wondering at this late date is how to use this anew to 1, make me more useful to others and 2, make me happier.