The A.A. Answer to These Questions About Living (Step Twelve continued)

The A.A. answer to these questions about living is “Yes, all of these things are possible.”  We know this because we see monotony, pain, and even calamity turned to good use by those who keep on trying to practice A.A.’s Twelve Steps.  And if these are facts of life for the many alcoholics who have recovered in A.A., they can become the facts of life for many more.

An important key to my sobriety was believing that whatever had happened to anyone else could happen to me – both the good and the bad.  I had to believe that the accidents, arrests and other calamities I hadn’t yet experienced were good possibilities in my future.  I also had to believe that the successful sobriety I saw in others was a possibility in my future.

Now I know from the inside that long-term sobriety isn’t all cake.  Sometimes, at the very minimum, it simply, simply, maybe, just beats the alternative.

The three-part decline that is part of my daily life continues.  The cat, the dog, and Phyllis get worse every day.  In the case of the cat and the dog there is the added burden of being responsible for continuing their time on earth, or not.  And they cannot rate their pain on a scale to help us decide what to do.

The Daily Word had a wonderful Good Friday meditation today, and there’s part of it that I want to keep and make my own.

During hardship or heartache, I become truly teachable. In the transition from darkness to light, I gain new understanding about myself and about life.

During hardship or heartache, I become truly teachable.  I think I learned that lesson a long time ago as well.

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