April 17, 2011 (this day)

No matter how hopeless it seems, the earth always responds with spring.

My “baby” is 23 years old.

My 50-something sober friend made it through a rigorous course.

Snow tires are off, waiting to be stored.  Forsythia is blooming.

Keeping watch for spring.

Or really, for anyone who dares to walk or run or ride up that road.  But also for baby squirrels so yes, for spring.


Be gay now.

Shadows go fast these days

Unlocking the locks of blossoms.

The lilacs never know how,

The oleanders along the old walls,

The peach trees over the hills-

Out of the lock-ups they go,

Out and crying with leaves.

They never know how.

Be gay–this is the time.

The little keys of the climbing runners,

The opening of the doors again,

the letting loose of the shut-ins–

Here is the time–be gay now.

Ask spring why.

Ask in your heart why.

Go around gay and foolish and asking why.

God be easy on your fool heart

If you don’t go around asking spring

In your heart, “Why, why, why,”

Three times like that, or else

One long, “Why?”

Be gay now.

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