May 6, 2010 (this day)

This is the place where it happens!  And this is a link to an earlier post showing the personality of the cat.  He has always been so mischievous, curious, smart and fun.  He figured out that by  reaching down into the empty dog food can, he can scrape up another morsel.  Another one of my cats, even more driven to eat than this one, hasn’t caught on to the trick, even after years of watching it happen.  This cat is the one who made it out the window, onto the roof, on to an adjoining roof, and who had to be tricked inside with tuna and cat nip.  This is the cat who would sense the attic door being opened, and who would sneak in there somehow, despite our best efforts to prevent that.  This one investigated the inner working of the drop ceiling when we first moved in.  Twice.  This one slept with the kids and played with the dog and has made it impossible for us to have a Christmas tree for the past ten years.  This one leapt from the back of a chair  to snatch a roll my from hand in midair.  He snatched a pork chop and a steak off of a plate on different occasions.  He, thwarted by a rubber band around the handles of the cabinet that holds the garbage, used a towel to open the adjoining cabinet and climbed over the partition in between.  He, weighing six or seven pounds, boxed the ears of first the 10 pound pug and then the 60 pound lab mix mutt.  He is the only one of my cats who is brave enough to use the top entry litter box.  I chose him on Mother’s Day, ten years ago, one week after my very first cat had left the realm at 19 years old.

He has cancer, and not much longer to live.  He’s pretty much living in the room pictured, my room, for some reason.  I don’t know why, he didn’t use to spend much time here.  But his red blood cell counts continue to go down and his tumor continues to swell.  He’s eating and purring and so, we think, having an OK time of it so far.  But he is no longer doing any of the things listed and I guess he won’t ever do them again.

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