Sunday, December 21, 2008 (This Day at This Time)

roomI cut off my head to be anonymous.

This is Sunday morning.  Carole is visiting her family for a few days.  Erika called me last night because she was trying to call her brother to get directions to somewhere.  He’s here, but his phone charger isn’t.  I asked her to come over today and she said she will, plus he needs a ride to get his phone charger.  He had his four wisdom teeth out last Wednesday, and he recovered quickly.  Much more quickly than I did with my extraction and implant.  I’m still not all right with that, and I have to go back on Tuesday.  But I’m mostly OK.

I think that today I’ll be able to stay in all day.  I really like to stay in.  I usually like to stay in.  Yesterday I had shopping (yuck) and my AA meeting, tomorrow there is work.  If Carole was here I’d go to church but she isn’t and I’m not.  I should go.  But I’m not.  I’ll go on Christmas Eve so that will be an extra!

The picture is of my new room.  Erika moved out of it eight days ago (but who’s counting?).  She did it well.  She’s 23, she graduated from college (in four years with honors), she has money in the bank and no debt.  The only down side I see is that it’s one step closer to her moving far away.  But for now I couldn’t be happier.

I hadn’t pictured that she’d take all of her stuff.  I knew I wanted to use the space for myself, but I pictured having more of her there than the paint color (which I never would have chosen) and the curtains.  So making it my room is a new concept to me, but one I’ve taken to very quickly.  I’m having so much fun.  I haven’t had my own room since I moved out of my mother’s house when I was 22.  Even as a single mom, I slept in the living room, giving the kids the bedrooms and being in a place where I felt the schools were best, because that’s what was most important to me at that time.  Carole and I share the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, yard and …….. that’s it.  I have my car and she has hers.  Now I have my room and she has hers.  But we still sleep together.  Just sayin.’

So that’s fun and all is pretty well.  As I’m writing this Joe Biden was just on TV, and he was asked about Rick Warren giving the invocation.  For the past eight years, when Bush or talk of Bush came on TV or the radio, I turned the channel.  I’ve been happy not to do that since the election, and here I am choked up and not in a good way about this.  They ran a clip of Rick Warren comparing gay marriage to marrying several people at one time, to marrying children – polygamy and pedophilia.  Biden gave it the gloss of “bringing people together” and I could cry.  I don’t want to be together with people who compare me to a pedophile.  How many gay people has he known well?  Seriously, there must have been a few.  Yet he makes statements like that, and Obama picks him over all other Americans to pray for us all on inauguration day.

Life on life’s terms. Not life on Lydia’s terms.

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