January 4, 2010 (this day)

I’ve just gotten home from work and I want to eat something, and drink something, but the animals must be fed first or they will give me no peace.  Lots of my daily stuff is dominated by animals, especially the old ones.  The cat pictured is 19 years old.  And we can’t keep him off the counters.  When we must keep him off the counters, we have to shut him in the bathroom.  He is relentless.

I went to work today after lots of days off.  Snow and cold dominate that scene, and I’m afraid my staff often suffer from Monday-morning-itis.  It’s awful.  And there I got sucked into my Monday morning unhappiness yet again.  So predictable.  I really need to change my attitude about these Monday mornings.  Especially when I can see them coming from a mile away, for goodness sake, they arrive on a very predictable schedule.

I haven’t been feeling well since Saturday night, and I’m a wimp about not feeling well.  Mostly because I always feel well.  Anyway I’m afraid to eat.  Then, I don’t eat.  Then, I feel better, so I eat.  Then I know I shouldn’t have eaten.

I’ve re registered on a diet site and I will attempt to lose weight again.  I’m five pounds less than I was at this time last year, so at least that’s a step in the right direction.  Menopause is not for wimps.  I’ve joined a book challenge for 2010 and I’m attempting to read 25 books.  So far I haven’t finished any.  I’m planning to work from home on Friday, and I’ve worked ahead two hours so that on the actual day I can go to a day time meeting.

The other thing about the cold, snow and animals is that I can’t exercise the dog, and neither can Carole.  After I conquer my fear of flying, my attitude and distress about not being the perfect dog mom are on my personal agenda.

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