When, By Such Simple Devices (Step Eleven continued)

When, by such simple devices, we have place ourselves in a mood in which we can focus undisturbed on constructive imagination, we might proceed like this:
Once more we read our prayer, and again try to see what its inner essence is.  We’ll think now about the man who first uttered the prayer.  First of all, he wanted to become a “channel.”  Then he asked for grace to bring love, forgiveness, harmony, truth, faith, hope, light, and joy to every human being he could.

Again I find that the ideals the program hold out for me a priceless to me.

I have used the “channel” metaphor many many many times through the years in times of emotional crisis and indecision.  I can picture God’s peace as a sort of something in heaven that can flow through me to earthlings who are giving me trouble.

That well known prayer tells me what it is I am to bring to situations.

I don’t honestly know if I’ve progressed or gotten anywhere very far with prayer and meditation, but I do know that the repetition through the years of at least these few selected prayers have penetrated my brain and become part of my thought process.

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