Spiritual Awakening

I didn’t post in September and that’s probably the first whole month I missed since I started.  Just starting to to address the topic of spiritual awakening seems daunting, but I decided to give it a go and to edit it as I got.  So I’ll add to it until I feel done and then move on.


First, what a promise!  What a dividend!  I cam to AA to learn how to drink without causing havoc.  Because I am an alcoholic, that wasn’t possible.  That was an awakening of sorts.  Maybe the “spirit” is the opposite of the physical, of the real, but I feel that mine took a giant step forward when it finally admitted the reality that I cannot chemically alter my reality safely, or with any kind of positive outcome.  But anyway it seems to me like an amazing offer.  Stop drinking and have your spirit awakened!  To be continued.

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