August 29, 2018 (this day)


I’m being fairly successful, for me, in continuing to bring my character defects to mind and to think about how they hurt me and others.  It’s a good time for this at work, since we are deep in the midst of “not enough” staff and that is so very hard for me to handle.  Politics also gets stickier and more frantic as we approach another election.  My character defects that come into play with “not enough” staff and anything political are vicious and strong and I am certainly powerless over them on my own.

Day to day, Carole and I have joined a gym and we’re actually going.  My character defects around that are, mostly, self-consciousness/shyness/introvertedness and sloth.  And gluttony.  I’m shy, fat, and lazy!  Life is, truly, good.

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