Don’t Drink and Go to Meetings

Basic advice sometimes given to flustered newcomers who don’t know what to do.  To not drink is the first, necessary part of recovery.  My mind, under the influence, could not absorb anything or advance in any way.  “The disease that tells you you don’t have a disease” comes to mind.  It’s like a part of me wanted desperately to keep drinking, and it would not stop for any kind of reason.  With alcohol in me, it didn’t matter what I believed or didn’t believe.  I was bound to go for more.

Going to meetings begins to put in place all the other changes and learning that are needed for recovery.  At meetings we hear instructions.  We hear what people have tried and experienced.  We hear from other alcoholics.  That has always been an essential part of the program. Sometimes people who cannot recover given treatments and medicines and therapy can recover when given the experience of someone just like them.  Meetings are where the people are.  The people who can help me and the people who need my help.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Drink and Go to Meetings

  1. What page is that on?
    I almost died and never got sober with that kind of guidance.
    I know you mean well and appreciate your blog. Please just stop the involuntary manslaughter.

    (b) That probably NO HUMAN POWER could have relieved our alcoholism.
    For we are now on a different basis; the basis of trusting and relying upon God.

    • Wow. Harsh words – “involuntary manslaughter.” I appreciate when another alcoholic in recovery shares their experience, strength and hope – in a general way. In the 12 and 12, the second step chapter suggests that some of us may use the members of AA as a higher power, indicating that people who are living in recovery and have a shared experience of sobriety certainly have more insight (and inferred “power”) than I! Where do I find those people? In a meeting! If you’d like the page, I’ll provide it. Just let me know.
      Thanks for the blog.

      • People are fallible. Common sense would dictate that using our group or AA as awhole would be a better bet. Being this is a fatal progressive illness being silly about things or cutting hairs is foolish and dangerous. I really don’t care what people choose for a higher power but reliance on other people is not wise. In the beginning I used AA as a whole as my higher power. Whatever idea I had I discarded in favor of AA’s idea. At times that developed into a strong faith in a God of my understanding. Then some calamity or my own self will put that to rest. I could always go back to relying on AA as a whole. AA is tangible. I have known many members who used the fellowship as a higher power. There is a strong warning in the Big Book about doing that. About problems, gossip, slander and disillusionment. People make lousy higher powers. I know I certainly wouldn’t want anyone looking to me in that respect. Either as an individual or a group member. I am simply one among many.

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