I was uninspired facing the topic of balance, and I hit the random post button to see where that took me.  It took me here, a place where, four years ago, I was complaining about several things including having too much to do over the weekend.  That still stresses me a lot and I wonder how I used to do it when the kids were younger and I had to care for them, spend time with them, and schlep them to athletic things and doctors and dentists and therapists.  Somehow I managed.

Now, unless I have some special lot of things to do, I have a mostly good balance day-to-day.  Most days I leave the house for work at 7 and I get home around 4:30.  Most weeknights I don’t have to go anywhere except a meeting.  I usually go to my home group and one other meeting.  That’s a good amount of meetings for me right now, and that is certainly in balance.

I don’t do enough house work/yard work/exercise, things like that.  But I do some.  I socialize what seems like a lot to me, mostly at work and at meetings.  I work in close proximity to around 100 people every day, and I work closely with one of them.  And Carole’s here when I’m home unless she’s running around looking for something to DO.

Why is “balance” a topic for AA?  I guess that when we aren’t in balance, it’s hard to be serene.  Also being out of balance would mean neglecting some things, whatever those things are, and that’s not a good feeling.  Not a good feeling and possibly irresponsible.  AA is lot about being responsible.  Right living and all that.  I think I read about it somewhere in the literature . . .

5 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Balance has always bee a challenge for me. Right now I’m ‘too busy’ to give this a half an hour of thought and response and if I put it in my pile of things to do it will never get done. So here is my thoughts unfiltered.

    Often I’ve shared on this topic that for me there are two states of being, total chaos and utter boredom and I don’t do boredom. One of the problems I have is not taking time to be with myself. Meditation helps. Still it seems that I’d rather overload my days with activity that risk having to sit alone with myself, but that’s just me.

    The Buddha said to take the middle way. That would be balance. Not lazy and not working myself into a frenzy.

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