June 8, 2012 (this day)

There are a few things on my mind.

One is that last Tuesday, Carole and I marked 15 years together.  It bites my butt that we cannot be legal.  How very unserene of me.  I’m really grateful that observant Jews don’t try to outlaw pork for us all.  Because, if you religion forbids gay marriage, for goodness sake, do not marry someone of your gender.  Ug.

One week before that, I turned 50.  I mostly like it, and I’m entirely grateful.  I have no doubt I would not have lived to see 25 had I kept drinking.  It’s all borrowed, extra, golden, undeserved time since I was 22.  It’s all because of AA.

Then yesterday, I went to the periodentist.  $2500 about to fix my teeth.  I wish I knew how much longer I’d need them for.  It could make a difference.

That’s really the only aspect of being 50 that I don’t like, the physical deterioration.  That, and of course, being closer to the end.  The obituaries always always always have many folks younger than me listed.

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