Wisdom to Know the Difference (from the Serenity Prayer)

I’m wise enough to know that basically all I can change is my attitude.  Or, actually, my attitude and my behavior.  In other words, me.  All I can change is me.

It’s difficult when I’m called to change something else, like (especially) the work someone else does or fails to do.  My number one way to do that is to be an example, but, sadly, some people just won’t follow my of example of, for example, being on time.

But to back up from this picture and take a broader view:  There are people who are chronically late (for example).  I can do what I can to get them to change this and happily some will and sadly some won’t.  How much this disturbs me is up to me.  The latecomers will always be with us.  I should not let them distress me, even if I think it’s a darn shame.

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