January 20, 2012 (this day)

It’s hard to find a good gear cutter these days.

It’s  Friday, and I made it through a different kind of week.  I had Monday off, and on Tuesday Carole started driving again for the first time since having her knee replaced.  I went to the dentist on Wednesday and found out I need a cap and a filling, and I may have to have a tooth pulled.  One of my very back molars is at an angle and no matter how much I try, I can’t keep the gum from deteriorating.  I wonder what it will feel like without that tooth.  I have one artificial tooth (I couldn’t think of the proper term and just remembered, dental implant.  Yeah, false tooth).  Parts of my body are going and they won’t be back.

I’m also experiencing the never-ending peri menopause like I did two years ago, and that was bad.  I will update the Menopause Chronicles soon, for anyone who wants to be glad they aren’t me.

So dramatic.  I’m upset because my body is working properly.  I’m still hoping to get through this without drugs or surgery.  I know some people need those things, and if it turns out I need them, I will have them.  But I’m hoping I don’t need them.

Tomorrow at our meeting we will hear someone tell his story with only three or four months sober.  That’s how it’s done where I’m from, but where I am, it is never done.  One year is needed to tell your story at a meeting and I’m glad they didn’t have that rule when Bill, Bob and Bill began this adventure.

And I need to have my judgementalness removed.

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