March 21, 2011 (this day)

  • I’m very limited on time because
  • I have a four-day training that is keeping me out of the house long, and away from work longer and
  • Carole also has three very long days so
  • the pets are neglected enough and then
  • my phone died today so after the long training I had to go to the phone store and make the day even longer and
  • spend money
  • I have a cold
  • my work is piling up while I’m away
  • I’m with strangers all day long
  • I’m concentrating on the character defect of “shyness” and so
  • I offered my phone number to someone at the training who is friendless and from out-of-town in case she needs anything local and then I realized that
  • I have no time
  • I have no phone

Luxury problems, all.  Tonight I’m very glad that I only have to live this day, right now.

2 thoughts on “March 21, 2011 (this day)

  1. Remember, we GET to go to work to do something good and receive a paycheck to buy food for the animals that we get to love and take care of… : )

  2. Proud of you for giving out your number at the training, even though you don’t have a phone and you have no time. It is the action and intention that count.

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