Suggest a Topic

Would someone, anyone, please suggest a topic for a post.  Pretty please?

Some of the things that people put into search engines that lead them here:

  • don’t drink and don’t die
  • sixth step
  • kinds of meetings
  • aa meeting formats
  • resentment in aa
  • aa and don’t like meeting
  • the sixth step in aa
  • advantages of aa meetings
  • resentment 12-steps
  • 90 meetings in 90 days aa
  • i am gay
  • different kinds of meetings

You?  Anything you’d like me to write about?  Yes, YOU!

2 thoughts on “Suggest a Topic

  1. Oh good gravy, someone commented!! Will you marry me?? Oh, wait …….. Yes, kinds of meetings. I will do that, it seems to be the most popular search term that brings people here. I’m afraid I don’t have tons to say, and I do wonder what people are looking for. Have they never been to a meeting, and want to know what to expect? Are they looking for approved or unapproved formats? The world may never know. But I will certainly expound of different kinds of meetings soon. Know when you should go to a meeting? You should go when you want to, and go when you don’t.

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