February 8, 2023 (this day)

At my online meeting this morning, two of the topics were anonymity and being useful. A woman shared how she had recently been deeply depressed, but being given and seriously ill puppy had put her on a pink cloud. The puppy is well (and is named Joie de Vivre) and the woman is feeling great.

Two weeks ago I began tutoring two young women from Korea and Belarus in English. I can say that while I’m not on a pink cloud, my world certainly exploded in a good way and I have lots to think about that isn’t MYSELF and how I FEEL. I’m being useful.

It brought up a funny issue of anonymity today though, as we were talking about what time we get up in the morning and my pupil asked me why I get up at 6:30. I didn’t explain my attendance at an online meeting every morning at 7. After all, we have just recently met…….


One thought on “February 8, 2023 (this day)

  1. Good thread. I would just say that being helpful isn’t just by doing, it can be by Being. Older sober group members can be a role model for newer members, maybe without ever knowing it.

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