November 16, 2022 (this day)

I can’t believe I haven’t updated since August. A lot has happened. My work place is closing. I’ve worked there for almost 25 years, and it was my second job ever. I’ve known some of those people for 25 years. I left supervising there last February but I’ve stayed on helping out two days a week since then. Lots of the people, clients and staff, are already gone. Many, many goodbyes I didn’t want to say. In a way that I didn’t want to say them.

My mother’s husband passed away. It was a hideous experience listening to my mother suffer through arranging and giving his care, but that part is over. She’s alone now, thousands of miles away, but looking to move close to me and my children. We haven’t all lived near each other in almost 25 years.

My across the street neighbor of 20 years moved away, and we are looking to move to somewhere without the god-forasken STAIRS. But, loss.

I turned 60 in May and as it may be evident from my longevity at work and in this house, I don’t like change. Though everything is constantly changing.

Somewhere in the literature (I’m bad at this) it says something like no one can build a house without first imagining it. Time for me to turn positivity toward the unknown future and be constantly grateful for the good things I know about, the good things I don’t yet know about, and the fact that I’ve arrived here at this day a bonus day, as every day has been in sobriety.


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