January 15, 2022 (this day)

A quick update on “my” meetings in this place at this time.

Before covid, I went regularly to two meetings, one on Saturday night and one on Sunday night. Both shut down when everything shut down. The Saturday night meeting met outside during that first summer, then opened with restrictions put on by the church. Eventually the church lifted all the restrictions.

The Sunday night meeting went online and picked up people from several different countries, all by word of mouth. That meeting generated some strong feelings among participants, and some of the people who had been in person and then online left. It is now trying to go back in person, though the online version survives. The in person group is very slow to start up, and I’m afraid it might not make it.

The Saturday meeting is doing well with good attendance. The group is refusing to ask for masks or distance. The covid risk where we are is “extremely high.” The room where the group meets in extremely big. No reason to be on top of each other, but they are.

I remember when things first closed down, some of my non AA friends said maybe it’s not a good thing for AA meetings to close. I know that many never did close, and I hear, I guess, that there are meetings out there distancing and masking.

I saw “why not?” but I am a known liberal.

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