Step Four

I started this blog nine and half years ago to write about my experience being an old-timer in AA.  I’m older now, and have more time.  I started transcribing the steps from the 12 and 12.  I started with step six because that was often where I stalled when doing or redoing the steps.  Now I’ve written my way through steps six through twelve, then started at the top and did one, two and three.

Through the years I’ve done a few fourth steps.  I don’t think it’s helpful for me to do the fourth step over and over, nor do I like to “do a fourth step” on certain issues that continue to plague me.  I guess it helps some people, and that’s fine.  I’ve done, I think, two formal fourth steps later in sobriety.  I’m thinking now, wrong or right, I’ll do another.  Couldn’t hurt?

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