August 20, 2017 (this day)


What a difference a year makes.  My pictures from this time last year are painful to visit. But not a pictures of this little guy.  He’s basically the same as a year ago, the benefit of being young.  He’s named after a prominent member of AA’s past, by the way, Ebby.  The cat is basically the same.  The dog, my wife and I might be a bit worse for the wear of a year gone by, all being farther along in our expected lifetimes than he is.

I look at pictures from last year and I remember that I was working a bit on Hillary’s campaign.  The election was looming.  We’ve done more than just get older in a year, for sure.

This year I’m working harder on a different campaign, one for congress.  It amazes me how many people don’t know who their congressperson is.  That’s the person who sits on the other side from the senators when the whole gang gets together, and votes on your behalf about issues large and small.

I’m still letting my elected officials know what I think, one a day, each in turn.  Helping with the congressional campaign takes a little time right now, not much.  I honestly struggle to apply the concept of emotional sobriety to this endeavor.  Did I truly learn anything from last year’s experience?  I’ve gone in deeper.  Is that the right thing?

I’m also still facing the imminent decline and death of the precious pooch.  She’s holding her own today, though getting her to take a pill on an empty stomach is a process fraught with emotion and ending in failure every day.

Writing this makes me wonder what next month will bring, both with politics and with the pooch.

One thought on “August 20, 2017 (this day)

  1. Hi Lydia,
    Sorry to hear about your dog. Wishing you both strength and love.
    I’ve been thinking of you often with the recent happenings in Charlottesville. Came accross a video about hate. The word ‘hate’ might sound harsh and maybe over the top but when I check my feelings when thinking of the happenings in Charlottesville AND the enormously sickening, corrupt, criminal, idiotic, utterly destructive reply from the sorry excuse for a man (ok, you get the picture…) who’s currently president in your country…. I do feel hate. And that in itself is a destructive emotion. I had not realised, anger gives direction and focus in a time where things overwhelm me. So I had welcomed it. But it is hurting me and it does not change anything. I had not realised until watching this vid.
    Do you know tapping? If not: it is a methode of releasing stress and pain from the body by tapping on certain energy points on the body in combination with using words to make us realise what we are releasing. Not sure if it is ‘your thing’ so to say, well, as always: take what you can use and leave the rest?
    Or maybe I should do that. 🙂
    Hugs to you and the dog,
    xx, Feeling

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