March 27, 2017 (this day)

IMG_0866Politics still looms large for me, all day, every day.  I haven’t been successful in making it a small, important, comfortable part of my life yet.  I’ve struggled with it before from time to time, but this time the change in me is permanent, so it’s important that I right size it.

I still struggle with a sense of unreality but I think that makes me severely normal.  The other day C SPAN had three lines for viewers to call; one if you believe the president, one if you don’t, and one if you’re not sure.  And they don’t mean the regular “has the guy spun this so thoroughly we can’t recognize it?”  They mean “is he stating something that is just not in any way true?”  It happens.  Weekly if not daily.  I still fine this very disturbing as well as being disturbed by the people who fail to be disturbed.

I have a sort of ideal I’m aiming for, though.  Most days I mean to move my time and attention away from this disaster quickly, giving it a bit of my attention and moving on.  Sometimes I’ll give it more time, like when I go to a rally or help in a campaign.  Monthly, at least, I’ll give it my money.  And daily I’ll read the New York Times at least a little bit, starting in a random section and not concentrating on politics, though he who shall not be named makes his evil way into most sections these days.  I aim to get a little bit more informed and educated about everything.

My program as applied to my problem.  It tells me in no uncertain terms not to hate, though honestly I often feel hatred for people I’ve never met who, to my understanding, want to hurt vulnerable people.  I hate that.  And really I think that the ones who don’t want to hurt vulnerable people are too stupid to understand that’s what the agenda is.  And yeah, the program has things to say about that attitude, and they aren’t good!  I’m grateful it’s there to show me the way.  I will use it to give myself a good quality of life in this strange and terrible time.

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