February 20, 2017 (this day)

I’m sick, and I think it’s hay fever, even though it should be deep midwinter in my part of the world.  It’s almost 70 degrees, sunny.  Spring bulbs are coming up.  It’s frightening.

Along with so much else these days.  I remember sitting in a political science class in 1984(ish) and realizing the danger of the nuclear weapons the world had produced by then.  Frightening.  There’s so much more now, and it’s so much more dangerous.  I don’t understand why some people in the United States don’t care if the bumble bee becomes extinct, and why their supporters don’t care.

In other news, nine days from now my son won’t have his 29th birthday.  He was a leap year baby!  Born to this alcoholic, never yet endangered by my alcoholism.  Given that, I should have more faith in miracles than I do.

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