October 26, 2016 (this day)

img_0594The election continues to vex me.  I always feel that I’m all right and they are all wrong, but this time I feel especially so.  I have bad thoughts and feelings about people I am otherwise neutral about, or people I like.  It’s difficult, it’s frightening.  And it’s wonderful.  It looks like this may actually happen.

I don’t have much going on.  My economic insecurity is over, and I’m unhappy with how frightened I can get with things like that.  I’ll travel soon to a cousin’s wedding.  I may not be able to see my daughter at Christmas, which would be the first time I didn’t see her at Christmas, I think.  My son is in Australia for work, and he doesn’t reassure me quite as well as my daughter did when she went to Greece.  But he does answer if I call, so I’ll have to take it.  Meetings are fine, work is fine, family is fine.  I completely appreciate that everything in my world at this moment is fine.  And when Hillary wins it will be very very fine!


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