Dry Drunk

I understand this to mean two different things.  One, it’s a drunk (alcoholic) who isn’t drinking.  AA wisdom says that the alcoholic has to change in order to stay sober and be happy.  “If you sober up a horse thief, you will have a sober horse thief.”  The horse thief must change her way of life to live rightly and stay sober.

The second meaning is an alcoholic in recovery who who goes on an emotional bender without drinking.  This would be the excess of negative emotion mentioned in the steps.  A dry drunk, a drunk without alcohol, endangers the alcoholic in that if it continues, he will more than likely drink.  I can’t stay in the negative emotion for any period of time without risking my sobriety.

“Stuff” is going on for me.  Count me into the 50% of Americans who are stressed by this election.  And let me meet the half who aren’t, because everyone I know is.  I’m also experiencing some very minor economic insecurity.  I’ve never been good with that, even as I’ve had everything I need every day of my life, and people to help me if I don’t.  I won’t call this a dry drunk, and I hope I’m acting mostly rationally.  Both of these situations will eventually pass and remembering that is one way I stay out of danger.


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