October 3, 2016 (this day)


I was at a meeting last night where we read the part of How it Works that follows the fourth step demonstration page.  I was reminded that any time I have a resentment I am at fault, if only for having the resentment, but usually for a good bit more.  I will add that for me personally it’s often more about fear than resentment, but I believe these are two sides of the same character defect.

Politics brings out the worst in me.  It brings out a little good as well, but mostly the worst.  I fail to see how someone who would mock a person with disabilities is OK with anyone anywhere, for anything.  And I could go way on from there.

But I work a program, right?  And I believe that resentments will kill me, don’t I?  Big Book to rescue!  These (people who are on the other side) are sick, how can I help them?




2 thoughts on “October 3, 2016 (this day)

  1. I’m on your page about politics, both views and how it affects me. But never have I thought about how I might be able to help those who support the male candidate in this year’s presidential campaign. Resentments build and I feel crazy every time I read/see/hear almost anything about him. Your post helps me to look at the resentment in me, how it kills me, and how it doesn’t make anything better. It helps me to feel a little compassion for a big group of people in the USA. Thank you.

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