September 14, 2016 (this day)


I’ve been trying to grow plants that my indoor cats will eat.  They like wheat grass, and I sprouted that, but everything else is a bust.  My previous cats ate every plant in the house, and my daughter’s cat a few years ago ate my “poisonous” poinsettia.  The cat lived.  I don’t mean that it’s safe at all to do that.  I know what doesn’t hurt one cat will kill another.  But anyway my current cats are finicky.  This pot held an old sunflower sprout they wouldn’t eat, and parsley they wouldn’t eat.  And a caterpillar they may have eaten but I didn’t take it inside.  I let the caterpillar have at the parsley because no one else was eating it.  What I don’t know about caterpillars could fill many volumes.  Like why it arrived in September, and where it disappeared to.

This all has nothing to do with sobriety.  My sobriety news is sparse.  My meeting marked its twelve year anniversary, so that way nice.  The attendance is down a little bit and that’s also nice.  We’re getting just over 20 people instead of just over 30.  I don’t like the book “Daily Reflections.”  They read it at a meeting I go to and it often confuses people or, to my mind at least, sends them off on a faulty path.  My mother is upset with her sister and so she drinks, and tries to make plans.  My kids have a sober mother and I’m so grateful that they don’t know this particular experience.  And those are random thoughts for sure.


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