May 31, 2016 (this day)

IMG_0483My birthday occurred over this long weekend, and when my son visited we tried to identify some of the trees around here.  My knowledge of the trees and flowers and birds around me is pitifully poor.  There’s an app for that, but the app is fairly poor as well.  I also have a gigantic book that tells about all the plants of my state.  That one is far to big and complicated for me to make sense of.  The most success I’ve had identifying trees has been by asking Carole’s Facebook friends.  But they will often disagree.

This seems to be a black cherry tree, and the dog of the tragic story a few years ago used to eat the tiny cherries then poop them out or throw them up.  It was quite awful.

So now I am 54 years old, and I’ve been sober in AA for 32 years.  My anniversary and my birthday both occur in May.  Both numbers are beyond my comprehension.  I can’t possibly be this old, and I can’t possibly be this sober!  But here I am, and life is very, very good.


2 thoughts on “May 31, 2016 (this day)

  1. Happy birthday! And congratulations on 32 years. Long timers like yourself are an inspiration to people like me who are in comparison very new to the fellowship. Reminds me to ‘ Stick with the winners !’ 😊

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