Made a Decision (Step Three)

Step Three

“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.”

PRACTICING Step Three is like the opening of a door which to all appearances is still closed and locked. All we need is a key, and the decision to swing the door open. There is only one key, and it is called willingness. Once unlocked by willingness, the door opens almost of itself, and looking through it, we shall see a pathway beside which is an inscription. It reads: “This is the way to a faith that works.” In the first two Steps we were engaged in reflection. We saw that we were powerless over alcohol, but we also perceived that faith of some kind, if only in A.A. itself, is possible to anyone. These conclusions did not require action; they required only acceptance.

“This is the way.”  What is the way?  The Steps are the way.

How much willingness?  I think it takes a lot of willingness.  Maybe just a tiny bit to begin, but for me not having a huge amount of willingness results in failure.  It did when I was “trying” to stop drinking.  A little willingness kept me going back to AA, it kept most of my attempts to resist the urge to drink successful, but not all.  Eventually I would give in and drink.  I don’t think I became truly willing until I perceived that I had to sober up or die.

Now.  I believe that these principles have the power to transform my life still, if I would follow them.  I love being associated with this program.  I love working with these words and thoughts over the long haul of my fortunately-long life.  I am going to ask myself, when I set out to knowing do the wrong thing, if I’m willing to turn my will and my life over.  Either to a supreme, super natural being or to the good direction that I know brings results, or both.


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