March 18, 2016 (this day)

IMG_0335A mighty fortress is our God, a good defense and weapon.

Very long time readers will know that eight years ago, I was heavily involved in getting Hillary elected.  Mostly as a supportive spouse, but very involved.  It was heartbreaking to see her not make it, and I swore I wouldn’t personally care much about a candidate until there was a nominee.  But of course that couldn’t count for this time.

*******Important Service Announcement******   AA does not endorse any candidate in any way or take any stance on any outside issue.  These opinions are only mine.  I include them because they are very important to my life, and I want this blog to be as clear a reflection of my life through AA as it can be.  I truly hope anyone reading can understand that.  AA is not involved in politics.  Not even a little bit.  That’s part of why it has lasted. *******End of Announcement*******

So here we are again, and this time it may happen.  Amazing.  I’m so fortunate I got to see Obama be president, and I will be so much more so to see Hillary come next.  Whew.

Something completely unrelated to that but well related to AA.  Carole and I are reading “The Runner’s Bible” which was used in early AA.  The part we read today said “Who knows but that you may have been delegated to answer someone’s prayer?”  I tend to relate these things mostly to work, because we read it before I set off to work.  Working with people who have severe, multiple disabilities gives me the opportunity to answer prayers all day long.  I’m sure everyone I work with has had uncountable prayers said for them, things like, “God, please make the people who care for my son be kind and good and  skilled.”  But in AA, we have the opportunity every time we participate to answer someone’s prayer at least in part by keeping the program alive and accessible.

2 thoughts on “March 18, 2016 (this day)

  1. I am sorry but i will say that obama has done a great job of conquering & dividing this country!! he is a socialist andso is hillary if you go back and read their thesis in college and he people they studied under u will see its about free govt handouts to all Big govt.,they know better well when this country that was built on WE THE PEOPLE goes away this will not be the America i was born & raised on, our freedoms will be taken away slowly but surely their will be the elite and the real poor, no middle class itdoesnt happen right way but in time if we dont change our govt back to the laws of the land and following our constitution eventually scialism could turn into communism. maybe educate yourself on socialism and what it does to a person, for example this guy works his ass off and the guy down the street takes money to ive on from the govt and yes this guy can work, but the guy who works his ass off decides to say screw it why should i work when joe blow is sitting around and collecting fro the govt. please educate yourself and if you do not like america then you can move to a socialistic country in europe and live there and maybe you will like it the countries over there Beautiful but i only want to visit there. keep up the good work in AA life i so much better without the drink.

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