Do the Next Right Thing

What to do?  What to do?  Maybe it seems there is nothing to do.  Maybe it seems there is too much to do.  In early recovery, figuring out what to do while trying to live without alcohol can be daunting.  There are stories of saintly sponsors who will guide a new person through each minute of the day, through each choice of socks.

We could say, “Do the NEXT thing,” but when we’re trying to live right, it’s important to discern the next RIGHT thing.  Most next right thing lists would go something like, “get up on time, make your bed, shower, brush your teeth, feed your (family, critters, self), go to work, do the job you’re paid to do, run errands, go home, take care of your surroundings and dependents, go to a meeting.”  Repeating those actions over and over can lead to a happy life.

Sometimes, in despair, just doing the next right thing can help you through the next little while.  Wash the dishes, take a shower, go to a meeting, and before you know it, it’s a new day, one without regrets of undone things from yesterday.

For me now, I can easily make a list of the right things I fail to do, or to do enough of.  The basics are in place.  I do them consistently.  I still often do the WRONG thing, but at a level that doesn’t destroy my life or hurt other people.  Maybe the next right thing would be to meditate on this, and up my game.


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