February 6, 2016 (this day)

IMG_0307I achieve some goals, sometimes, yes I do!  This sock was made with extensive help from my daughter over a weekend in a cabin.  I mean, she helped me turn the heel then.  She had helped me start the thing at Christmas.  Hard and fun.  I made it on giant needles as a practice sock and now I have to see if I have enough nerve to try another on proper needles with nicer yarn.  My daughter mentioned that most knitters don’t make it this far, but give up before knitting becomes this difficult.  It reminded me of the line from the 12 and 12 where “this step separates the men from the boys,” or something like that.  I’m thinking it’s referring to step four or five, but I don’t know know for sure.

So, knitting a sock as a metaphor for working the steps and staying sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Today, I’ve done both, and because of this my future for knitting and staying sober are bright, as long as body and soul stay together.

And the black hair at the top of the picture belongs to the dog.  I have no idea how to edit and little desire to learn, though I’m hoping my son will come over soon and help me work my scanner.  How cool these people I potty-trained help me learn so much now.  They are both blessings of sobriety.

5 thoughts on “February 6, 2016 (this day)

  1. I love this metaphor, especially since socks go on feet and feet are for walking, moving away from something and toward something else. And what a gift to have grown up kids, willing to teach a mother who is willing, still, to learn. You are both blessed and a blessing. Thank you for all your words.

  2. Bravo ! and by the way , I thank you for the perspective on your children .. I have to remember to use that on mine .. One form of training I gave to them .. perhaps they will find the humor in the fact that they can now help train me !!

  3. Lovely sock, lovely habit.
    I think that’s step 7, asking God to remove defects of character. Good luck with your son. I tried to get mine to put his underwear on today on his own, ended up naked on the couch watching Dora the Explorer. Hmm..

  4. “How cool these people I potty-trained help me learn so much now. They are both blessings of sobriety.” I am happy for you. 🙂 Thank you for your post, for me it is a reminder of beautiful things in the past. And: lovely sock :-), good hobby. My mom used to knit with half sheep wool, half goats hair I think; sounds itchy but was not and very, very strong.
    xx, Feeling

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