January 11, 2016 (this day)

IMG_0280Happy New Year!  I did not drink alcohol in 2015.  That is a miracle, along with the fact that I lived until 2016.  My feet are there, at a meeting, and that is why.

Nothing much is happening with me.  My daughter visited for Christmas and came down with a terrible cold.  She left and she didn’t take the cold with her.  Carole and I succumbed on New Years Eve and couldn’t move for days.  With just a cold!  It was a wicked one.  I actually didn’t go to work the following Monday, I was so sick.  I suffered through the rest of the week and am getting better every day.

The weather got cold and I worry about freezing pipes and driving in the snow.  I view “worry” as a character defect, and I try to give it up even as I engage in it.  But because I didn’t drink in 2015, I’m not worried about what I did, what I said, what I ruined and who I alienated.  Well, not because of alcohol, anyway….


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