Being frustrated is disagreeable, but the real disasters in life being when you get what you want.

~Irving Kristol

That’s a saying I collected a long, long, long time ago and have kept because I know that disappointment can be huge trigger for bad feelings, bad thinking, and ultimately drinking.

Today, gratitude is my default.  Sure, I didn’t get this, but I do have this, this, this, and this!  Too much, really, to count.  Going a bit beyond that is what the quote expresses to me.  I think I know what I want and what will make me happy.  But that doesn’t make it true.  We linger over the examples of people who win the lottery and are then devastatingly unhappy in an effort to drive this home.  We’ve seen the dream job become a nightmare.  We’ve experienced with couple who said yes when they should have said no.

The program tells me I have to accept disappointment serenely, as soon and as much as possible.  It resolutely points me back to today and to what is here, now.  I have to remember that even if I could influence events and outcomes, which I can’t, I wouldn’t dare.

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