December 26, 2015 (this day)


I had an extremely wonderful Christmas, my 32nd sober.  All is very very well.  The knitting on my daughter’s lap is a sock she’s making.  I have started a sock while she’s here.  This will not go well.


Tonight I chair my home group, and I’m feeling slightly guilty about possibly leaving her to do it.  She may be with her brother, though, and if she’s here, she’ll come out with us afterwards.  She used to do that when she lived here.  I made the plan to chair while I was thinking I wouldn’t see her this year.  But really, all is extremely well.  She doesn’t have fetal alcohol syndrome because of the program.  It starts there, and every good thing after that in her life, everything that I have influenced, has been given to her courtesy of AA.

We sometimes hear about the huge number of people who suffer due to someone’s drinking.  Five, six, seven for each alcoholic.   The other side of that coin is the number of people who prosper due to an alcoholic’s sobriety.  That would be anyone I ever brought any good to at all, in addition to the untold number I haven’t harmed.

And the cat?  Some kitties just don’t care.

One thought on “December 26, 2015 (this day)

  1. Just wanted to say “nice post.” I’m from the Alanon side of things rather than AA myself, but I am subscribed to your blog and always enjoy it and find something useful for me too. Thanks for your service.

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